has summed up the top 5 video game trailers of 2011 and I approve of their list so hard my feet hurt.

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    Grand Theft Auto: Five

    I remember playing Grand Theft Auto: 2 on my mom's computer and being terrible at it. It was like trying to drive a car from a hot air balloon ... you couldn't see very far unless you got in a fast car. And then I still couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting a building. This is NOTHING like that.

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    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    This video really brought dubstep to the forefront of many people. Took it from a hipster only thing to a people who play video games too thing. Before long your grandmother will be listening to dubstep ... I say you can blame this video of actual game play footage. (it's sick)

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    Tomb Raider

    This isn't your Angelina Jolie romp... it seems more like a gritty reboot. It looks awesome.

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    Saints Row: The Third

    Kayne West rapping, guns, gangsters. Solid trailer.

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    Dead Island

    A stunningly beautiful trailer about a zombie attack at a beach vacation destination.