Towson will visit Death Valley and play the LSU Tigers this Saturday,  Sept. 29, 2012.  Hear the massacre (an incident where some group is killed by another) on 1130 The Tiger.

Yep, they want to take on Louisiana State University, three-time national champion and perennial SEC powerhouse... LMBO. We're grinning too Les!

Why the laughter? Last year LSU won 11 games.  Since 2007, Towson hasn't won that many games total.

Could the money be one of the reason they want to take on the Bayou Bengals? Towson is getting a whopping $510,000 to play LSU!

Towson looks at this game as a way to gain national exposure which will help their recruiting and they make some money to boot.

Go for it Towson! The gumbo is great in Death Valley.

Who are you putting your money on?


Les Miles talks about upcoming game with Towson