The police officer highlighted in this video was apparently talking on his cell phone and speeding while driving on a wet road. The trucker behind the video felt the officer was driving dangerously enough to PULL THE COP OVER!

So he races his rig to catch up with the cop, and once he's behind the cop car, he starts blasting his horn to get his attention. Finally, the officer pulls over, get's out of his car, and walks to the trucker very confused.

He asked the trucker what was going on, then the trucker informs him of his dangerous driving.

You can tell the cop was caught off guard by the trucker and was a little aggravated at first. However, as the conversation moved on, it became more civilized. The two had a good conversation, and it even led the officer to thanking the trucker for caring about safety on the road!

Great news, the trucker caught the whole thing on video. Enjoy!