It’s raining sexually abused men in this never ending John Travolta saga. Two more accusers have come forward, making a total of seven men that claim that John made unwanted advances towards them. One of the accusers is a masseuse named Jeff from the posh Eden Roc Resort in Miami and the other is a former hotel employee at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. Jeff, the Miami based masseuse, says that he was giving Travolta a massage back in 2000 and it quickly turned inappropriate when he started getting handsy. The hotel worker also claimed that back in 2000, Travolta cornered him when he was cleaning a room and started propositioning him while flashing his goods.

And John Doe #2 has been revealed. The New York Daily news tracked him down and started snapping pictures of him. The guy, John Trusedale, is a 6 foot, 250-pound married father. He screamed at the photographers that he was supposed to remain anonymous.

John Travolta’s attorney is still adamant that his client is innocent.