Wildfires are currently ripping through California. This video shows what it's like right in the middle of it.

Last week, I shared a story and a video, shedding light on what's going on in California. While the country argues and bickers over Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and the NFL in general, hundreds of people have lost their lives in CA, and thousands have lost their homes.

Wildfires are running rampant on the west coast, and one video captures the madness.

A couple had to leave their home in an effort to escape the wildfires with their lives. Once they left, they hopped in the car and began filming the extremely frightening sight of leaving in the middle of a blaze.

As they drove, they became surrounded by the blaze, forcing them to drive right through the fire to escape.

Luckily, they made it out unharmed.

Warning: Profanity can be heard in the video below.