SO a big change has come to youtube. You cannot comment on a video with out having a google+ account. No problem right? Wrong. Youtuber boogie2988, lays out all the reasons why this is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

It all boils down to hateful comments and content people can put on videos. Any person can make a google+ account named Adolf Hitler, then can write in the youtube comments "UR FAT LOLOLOLOL" then post a script from star wars or a swastika. Then people respond to this guy ... there's your top comment on youtube.

It seems that the current set up of google+ and youtube is it promotes being a troll.

Youtube celebrities make a TON of money from their videos, and with this change its highly possible that people seeing such vile comments might be turned away from youtube as a source of entertainment.

What are your thoughts? Will people stop using youtube or will everything keep going the way it is.