Chris Brown and Rihanna have been secretly hooking up for awhile, but how serious is their relationship?

Sources are saying that the two have been hooking up for over a year and might even spend the three year anniversary of their big fight together. But a source told Radar Online that they are just enjoying each other’s company and not looking to get serious. They said that Rihanna holds the power in the relationship and she doesn’t want to give that up by getting back together with him. Chris has been reportedly dating Karrueche Tran, but the source says that they are not even exclusive. She is just one of the many women that Chris is seeing right now. Karrueche really wants Chris to settle down with her, but he’s having too much fun playing the field.

If you think about it...this completely makes sense. I mean, Rihanna is into whips, chains and S&M, and Chris Brown likes to beat her. So really, they should be the PERFECT couple.