SUPER Large Games That Are Big are pretty cool! It's like a national holiday in America, whether you like the teams playing or not! Plus, the commercials are pretty cool... and they look even better on 55 inches. Just saying! Join the party with K945 at the Sandbar on this special SUPER Sunday… You know the Sunday we're talking about! Two teams are playing... the 49ers and the Ravens. Yep, that's the one, THIS Sunday, February 3rd!  We’ll have the game, fantastic food, plenty of adult beverages and your chance to score a SUPER sized 55 inch TV, surround sound and Blu Ray courtesy of Muse, Warner Brothers Records and K945! You can log on to your K945 VIP account to get registered to win or listen to get registered to win. It's that easy! Plus, we'll get even more peeps registered this Sunday at the Sandbar. And YES, you do have to be present at the Sandbar to win. It's MADNESS! Get it? Nevermind... SMH

FYI... Super Large Games That Are Big = a word we can't say legally... Just sayin'!