We're hooking you up with tickets to see One Direction in Dallas. To win, you just have to put the pieces together.

Calling all Directioners! We're sending you on a K945.com scavenger hunt!

If you want to be sitting front row at One Direction's show at AT&T Stadium on August 24, you'll have to search our website for the puzzle pieces that, when put together, will create a custom picture of our favorite boy band.

We'll start you off with your first piece right now! Here it is:

Photo Courtesy of K945

To find the other pieces, you'll have to search K945.com each day! The pieces will be hidden in various posts throughout the site. Only a handful of pieces will be hidden each day. Once a piece is hidden, it will always be there, meaning if you are late starting the contest you can still find all of the pieces. Also, keep in mind that this contest started on August 7, so there will be no puzzle pieces hidden on posts dated prior to Thursday, August 7. All pieces will be hidden on the site by Thursday, August 14.

Find all the pieces, put them together, then post a picture of you and your completed puzzle on our Facebook page.

We'll draw a winner, at random, from all of the completed puzzles on Thursday, August 14. The winner will be announced at 5:30pm on K945 with Stifler, Jay and Jess.

So remember, your puzzle must be complete and a picture of it must be posted to our Facebook page in order for you to win. One lucky person will win four front row seats to One Direction's show in Dallas, with a hotel stay.

It's all courtesy of Columbia Records.