And the Oscar goes to... Wolfgang Puck! The master chef has been serving Hollywood's rich and famous for 20 years, but there is one dish that is requested annually by the stars of the silver screen.

Wolfgang Puck will be catering the Oscars' after party this weekend, something he's been doing for two decades. And one thing you can bet on is that chicken pot pie will be on the menu.

Those who attend the Governors Ball always request the chicken pot pie and we think it is because black truffles is on the list of ingredients. This simple, home style dish is homemade, like everything else on Puck's menu.

Puck crafts his Oscar menu in January. He and his staff of more than 300 then begin prepping for the big event on the Wednesday prior. This is when they shop for all of their fresh ingredients. For the chicken pot pie, that means 100 chickens.

The cooking begins on Saturday as he prepares the chicken pot pies. This is the only dish Puck makes ahead of time. The rest he saves for Sunday. All hors d-oeuvres are ready by 3 p.m., but the main dishes he cooks as guests begin filing out of the theater. This way he ensures that every dish is served hot and tastes right.

Unfortunately most of us will never know if it any of the dishes came out right. We're simply left to gnaw on our remote controls.

The Oscars will air on ABC this Sunday at 4 p.m., hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.