Coming up tomorrow (Saturday December 9th), we will have another family fun day at the Jocks In The Box location.  It's also your chance to get a free christmas tree!  If you haven't seen it, we are in the Pierre Bossier mall parking lot - right by Toy's R Us.  One of our biggest supporters has been Lowe's.  Not only have they supplied the materials we need to pull of this crazy idea (living in a box in the parking lot during one of the coldest weeks in recent memory),  but they have also committed themselves to a fun day of family bonding and Christmas cheer at our location.

From 3pm-6pm, Lowe's will be conducting the Build and Grow Workshop.  You and your kids will be building little wooden toys that you get to take home!  It's a bonding experience my son and I enjoy, and I know you will as well.  It's absolutely free of charge!

Lowe's will also give you a FREE CHRISTMAS TREE, as long as they last, when you donate a new, unwrapped toy or bike.  That's right, if you were going to buy a Christmas tree this weekend - don't! Use a bit of your tree money to buy toys or a bike, then you can help out kids in the SBC and still get your Christmas tree.  It's a Christmas miracle!