Calling all Shreveport-Bossier City, LA treasure hunters! If you've been out searching for the 2023 $1,000 Paddy in the Plaza pot of gold, you're out of luck because it's been found!

Where was the Paddy in the Plaza treasure found?

The Paddy in the Plaza $1,000 treasure was found behind the guardrail on Highway 80 on the way to Louisiana Downs on the eastbound side under 220.

What were the clues that lead to the treasure?

Clue #1: Spring is here, and there's green all around. The Paddy in the Plaza
treasure is ready to be found. Springtime is grand, and so is our prize. A thousand
dollars to you if you find where it lies.

Clue #2: Our prize waits in a place all can be. You won't need a light, a
ladder, or key. No walls and no ceilings? A great place to hide! Wherever you find it,
you'll find it outside.

Clue #3: There once was a fella from old Shreve Town, a treasure hunter who
was afraid to leave town. In years past he may have found it, but now he's nowhere
around it -- in Shreveport, this prize will never be found.

Clue #4: Here’s another clue, the best that you’ve got: From a bird’s eye view, an
“X” marks the spot

Clue #5: To find the Paddy in the Plaza Treasure, you'll need more than a
four-leafed clover. Because the place where we've stashed the cash is easily passed

Clue #6: To begin, find a place with fortunes nearby, along the path that
warbirds fly. Gas up the car, join the search, be bold! You'll thank your lucky stars if
you're first to our gold.

Clue #7: Over land is where you’ll find it, not underwater or down in a hole. If
you don’t proceed with caution, you’ll never lay claim to the gold.

At the time of publishing, the person who found the treasure was still undecided on whether or not they wanted their name released, which I totally understand. When you find yourself with a little extra pocket money, folks tend to come out of the woodwork.

Courtesy of Mudbug Madness/Paddy in the Plaza
Courtesy of Mudbug Madness/Paddy in the Plaza

However, even though the treasure has been found, you can still shake your shillelagh this Friday at Paddy in the Plaza. Honestly, we'd go see these three bands without the green beer, they're that good!

The Details:
The Mudbug Madness Festival is bringing Paddy in the Plaza back to Shreveport’s
Festival Plaza Friday, March 17th from 3 pm – 11 pm and it will feature food trucks, live
music, and, of course, cold green beer. The musical entertainment will be Stiff Necked
Fools, Cowboy Mouth, and The Hollow Decks. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the

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