Louisiana people are an odd bunch. There's the phrase "Southern hospitality" which means different things to different people apparently. Because the people of Louisiana aren't guaranteed to be nice to you, especially if you come in too hot with the disrespect.

Then again, that's not uncommon for people to get upset with "outsiders" coming into their state and bumping their gums. But really, there's something different with people in Louisiana, because its not just people from out of the state that can trigger some strong reactions. There can be a lot of fighting in the state too.

See, people in Louisiana can be warm, and welcoming, but can snap in an instant. They can dress you down verbally, or even throw hands if needed. Only if you make them (ok, not only if you make them, there are plenty of people in the state who will throw fists first) with your actions or words.

So what could you possibly say to someone from Louisiana to get them so angry that they would confront you? Let's start with with sports. Of course there have been a lot of fights started over LSU, the Saints, the Cowboys, and maybe one or two created by the Pelicans. But it's not just sports arguments that boil over Louisiana emotions.

There have definitely been fights started about relationships, businesses, and just plain drunken stupidness.

But being too disrespectful about anything can flip someone's switch in Louisiana. So you should be really careful with what you say, and don't take the Southern Hospitality for granted.

13 Most Disrespectful Things You Can Say In Louisiana

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