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Being a firefighter is a dangerous job.  Rushing into buildings on fire (when everybody else is running from it) takes an incredible amount of bravery - especially when there's a chance of not making it back out.  Without the heroic actions of the men and women across the country who have dedicated themselves to fighting fires and saving lives - we'd all be in a terrible spot.

Unfortunately, this risky work claims the lives of dozens of firefighters every year.  To honor those who put our safety above their own in this treacherous line of work, those who fall in the line of duty are enshrined in the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland each year.

19 brave Texas Firefighters have been added to this distinguished list

According to Fox 7 in Austin, 19 fallen Texas Firefighters were honored at the memorial ceremony held this weekend in Emmitsburg.  Since the service was suspended for the last 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials honored 87 that died in the line of duty in 2020, 82 in 2019, and 46 others that passed away in previous years.

According to the report, the Firefighters from the Lone Star State that had their names added to the memorial were:

  • Captain Randell Willmon of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Captain Bradley Burney of the Mesquite Fire Department
  • Lieutenant Dennis Page, Jr. of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Firefighter Frank Partida, Jr. of the Glen Flora Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter Lloyd Moseley, Jr. of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Lieutenant John Blume of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Assistant Chief Clayton Fenwick of the Sugar Land Fire
  • EMSFire Marshal Lance Norwood of the College Station Fire Department
  • Firefighter Kenneth Stavinoha of the Houston Fire Department
  • Firefighter Steven Henderson of the Louise Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter Gregory Garza of the San Antonio Fire Department
  • Lieutenant David Hill of the Lubbock Fire Department
  • Fire Suppression Technician Eduardo Ramirez of the El Paso Fire Department
  • Captain Stephen Hill of the Richardson Fire Department
  • Assistant Chief Duncan Henderson of the Ringgold Volunteer Fire Department
  • Driver/Engineer Jesus De La Rosa, Jr. of the Weslaco Fire Department
  • Firefighter Diana Jones of the KL Farms/Fire LLC
  • Captain Frazier Holbert of the Carrollton Fire Rescue
  • Arson Investigator Lemual Bruce of the Houston Fire Department

To see the entire 2021 National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Honor Roll, visit the memorial's official site here.

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