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Shreveport sure has a lot of history!  This old town has seen a lot of progress, and to be fair - a lot of regression as well.  Because of our long history of ups and downs, we've got several really impressive buildings in the downtown area that have seen better days.  If you've ever wanted to see these structures at their best, you may be in luck!

According to New Orleans City Business, two multi-level buildings in Shreveport are about to get fabulous!  New Orleans-based HRI Communities has reportedly secured the funding they need to renovate the Lee Hardware building and United Jewelers buildings in order to give these historic landmarks a head-to-toe make over!

Of course, these 2 buildings (built in 1909 and 1926 respectively) were converted into apartments decades ago - but after the planned renovation, they're gonna look brand-new!  The work will reportedly do more than freshen up the exterior, the firm claims that this project includes new roofs, HVAC systems, kitchen and bathrooms upgrades, landscaping, pool improvements, covered parking and a whole lot more.  If you've ever dreamed of living in a swank, downtown apartment with views of beautiful downtown Shreveport - this is your ticket!

As far as when you can move in, I don't know.  No date was even given on the start of this massive renovation, but it likely won't be long before you're throwing fancy soirées at your big-city apartment overlooking the Ratchet City.

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