They say that inspiration can come from anywhere.

For those of you who have kids out there, did you stress about what to name them? Did you have a family name that you had to pick to make it easier for you? I feel that this has got to be the most stressful decision of your life.

You may like something, but then it could turn out to be a fleeting trend. Then your poor child is stuck with it for the rest of their life. We see a lot of crazy names in Hollywood, like Apple. However, the insanity may have trickled down to us commoners. released the top names of the year, with the most popular names for 2015 falling into four big trends. Despite their "trendiness" I find that I'm drawn to a few of them.

Here are four big trends in baby names.

1. Instagram filters. Names like Lux, Ludwig, Amaro, Valencia, Reyes, Hudson, Kelvin, Juno and Willow.

2. "Empire" characters. Popular cast members like Dre, Lyon, Hakeem, and Lucious.

3. Royalty-inspired. Names that make your kid sound like they have a title like Duchess, Reign, Sultan, Princess, and Royalty.

4. Gender neutral names. It seems like more and more names are becoming "gender neutral" like Wyatt, Lincoln, Maxwell and Piper.

Curious what the most popular names are across the board? For girls, it's Sophia. For boys, it's Jackson.

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