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Words can't describe how much I love teachers.  Talk about patience, dedication, and genuine love for children - educators really put it all on the line for our kids.  Each and everyone of us has the course of their life altered for the better by a really good teacher.  If you have kids, it's probably happened to you more than once.  My point is this:  We are blessed to have the angels on earth we call teachers.

More than a year ago, Chica and the Bald guy started honoring these awesome people by shining a spotlight on one amazing teacher each week.  I have personally seen my son grow from F's with no confidence to A's and B's and a healthy belief in himself - all because the right teachers were in the right place at the right time to turn his academic world around.

With the help of your nominations, we have had the pleasure of awarding them with Delicious Notini's Italian food, PJ's Coffee's Beignets, and our unwavering gratitude.  I know our kids will be better and smarter people because of the people listed below.  Take a minute to peruse the following list of every Teacher of the Week award winner for 2021 so far, and know this - if your kid(s) have any of these teachers, they're in very good hands.

If you'd like to nominate the best teacher you know for this award, everything you need is below.

Teachers of the Week 2021 Pt 1

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