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Being a great chef takes patience, culinary talent, and lots of experience.  Being a great seafood chef in Louisiana takes even more than that!  The food in our state is a great source of pride, and it should be - it's so freaking good!  So, when you happen to run across a cooking competition in the Sportsman's Paradise, you know you're in for some delicious groceries!

That's been the case for the entire run of the the world-famous Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off.  For 14 years, this incredibly delectable competition has been churning out some of the most imaginative and delicious seafood dishes the world has ever seen by pitting some of our state's absolute best against each other.  Typically, chefs from the best restaurants scattered across Louisiana enter to win one of the culinary world's most prestigious championships - but this year, it's invitation only.

Organizers are breaking from tradition in hopes of finding the hands-down, best of the best.  They are only inviting former winners of this competition in order to crown the "King of Kings!"  According to the Advertiser, 12 former champions of the cook-off will go head-to-head for the throne.  Reportedly, they are:

  • Brian Landry; 2008 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Tory McPhail; 2009 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Chris Lusk; 2010 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Cory Bahr; 2011 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Keith & Nealy Frentz; 2012 Louisiana King and Queen of Seafood
  • Cody Carroll; 2013 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Aaron Burgau; 2014 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Mike Brewer; 2015 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Bonnie Breaux; 2017 Louisiana Queen of Seafood
  • Ryan Trahan; 2018 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Nathan Richard; 2019 Louisiana King of Seafood
  • Robert Vasquez; 2020 Louisiana King of Seafood

This seafood throw-down is scheduled for June 22 at the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette.  Each contestant will get a list of ingredients to incorporate into their dish.  Then, to spice things up, a "mystery ingredient" will be introduced when the countdown timer reaches 10 minutes to go.  The mystery ingredient is required to be part of the main dish.

Tickets for this incredible food fight are available through Ticketmaster.


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