Magical Freckle Freaking Us Out- Ladies, look down at your wrists. Do you have a freckle in the center of your wrist? If so, don't freak out, you're like a bunch of Twitter users out there. Aaryn Whitley took to her Twitter to ask, "Ladies... u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao." Since then her tweet has gone viral and as of now, over 8,000 women have responded saying that they do have a freckle in that same spot.

Ariana Grande Cancelled Shows Because of Tomatoes-  Ari broke some hearts and sad news to her Floridian fans. Ari became ill and canceled shows, many people assumed she caught some kind of bug. Instead, we found out that she has developed a tomato allergy and it got so bad her throat basically closed up. Ari claims it feels like she has a cactus in her throat.

Shreveport Student Headed to The Scripps National Spelling Bee- Many of us are cheering on Cal Alexander from Caddo Middle Magnet. Cal is competing for the third time and 2 other students from Northwest Louisiana are going to head up to Washington as well. The Finals of The Scripps National Spelling Bee Competition will air on ESPN.