The internet message boards 4chan and Reddit may have found photographs of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects.

On the night of the attack, I wrote an article about the possibility that the case may be cracked by crowdsourcing on the internet. If these leads from 4chan and Reddit pan out, that's exactly what will have happened.


4chan is a sometimes wild internet message board, most infamously known for its /b/ bulletin board.  A group came together to pour over photos of the scene before and just after the bombing.  Called the 4chan Think Tank, they have posted their findings to this imgur thread.


Users of Reddit have created a new subgroup /r/findbostonbombers.  Fast Company profiled their efforts. Users are focusing in on suspects like the 'blue robe guy.' Redditers are going through massive photo dump posts sifting thought hundreds of images looking for clues, abnormalities and connections.

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