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Now that Mother Nature's frozen wrath seems to have subsided, it's time to shake of this cabin fever.  I mean, the pandemic has been bad enough - but the great freeze of 2021 kind of put me over the edge.  My wanderlust is in overdrive, I just need to get away.

Obviously, I'll have to wait until the roads are safe - but once they are, where do I go? Here are the requirements:  It can't cost too much (I blew a lot of my vacay money on drinking water and drinking alcohol to get me through the freeze), and it can't be too far.  In order to preserve vacation days, I'm thinking a weekend trip would be best.  That narrows the field down to what within driving distance from Shreveport.

With those parameters in mind, and a little time to think about it - I set out on a quest to find the 5 best weekend escapes from the Ratchet City that won't break the bank.  Believe you me - as soon as the roads are passible, I'm hitting the road for one of these destinations.

5 Great Weekend Trips Within Driving Distance from Shreveport

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