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There aren't many guarantees in life, but you can count on these five things when you visit the great state of Louisiana!

Louisiana is known for being the land of gumbo, jazz, and Mardi Gras madness. But folks outside of Louisiana also think we use our trusty air boats or pirogues to zip to work each morning or that we regularly chill with pet gators, but let me burst that bubble. We're a diverse bunch, impossible to pin down with a stereotype. However, there are a few things you can count on wherever you roam in the Bayou State.

What are the five things you can count on when visiting Louisiana?

1. Iced Tea - If you order tea, you will automatically get sweet iced tea unless you specify otherwise. And it won't just be sweet tea, it'll be tea so sweet that it will rot your teeth on contact.

2. Snow Days - You know you're in Louisiana when a tiny snowflake sends the whole town into meltdown mode. Seriously, if even a smidge of the white stuff falls, everything shuts down as soon as the grocery stores are cleaned out. We're good at a lot of things down here in Louisiana, but handling snow? Not so much.

3. Shady Parking Spots - This one leaves folks perplexed when they visit Louisiana because, during the summer, it's the parking spot with the most shade, not the one closest to the door that we're after. Ah, summertime in Louisiana: where staking out shade in a parking lot becomes an Olympic sport...  Because if you dare to leave your car under that scorching sun, you might as well be baking cookies inside and your tushy when you get back to your car.

4. Y'all - Let's settle this once and for all: "Y'all" is better than "you guys." And guess what? This truth ain't confined to Louisiana—it's nationwide. Why? 'Cause "y'all" just has that extra sprinkle of flavor, that dash of fun that "you guys" can't match.

5. College Football - In Louisiana, college football isn't just a pastime—it's practically a religion, with LSU leading the charge.

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