There are some things in this world that many people would love to own: their dream car, their dream home, a monkey, and then there are some things in this world that everyone should own.


  • Townsquare Media Staff Photo
    Townsquare Media Staff Photo

    A Plunger

    No one likes to think about it, but this is one of those items that you'll never need until you need it and, when you do need it, you really need it!

    Also, make certain you get the right kind of plunger: one is a sink plunger one is a combination plunger (the combination plunger has the "flap" that can be inverted into the body of the plunger). The combination plunger is most effective on toilets, but a sink plunger can work if you have the finesse.

  • State of California
    State of California

    Fire-Proof Box

    Birth certificates, deeds, titles, cash, tax papers, spare keys, passports, contracts, your child's first lock of hair - there are so many important things that you should keep in a fire-proof box. They can range from sentimental items to papers required by law to items that would be a huge hassle to replace. Also, keep that box where you can grab it easily in the event of a rapid egression.

  • Fire Extinguisher
    Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher

    This one is pretty straight-forward: a fire extinguisher for your car, for your kitchen, and (by law) for your boat.

    Fire extinguishers can get pricey, but their cost usually runs below that of a new vehicle or home.

  • Spencer Platt/Getty Images
    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    A Good Mattress

    An expensive mattress does not always equal a good mattress. A good mattress is a mattress that helps you sleep well at night. Some people are more comfortable with a soft, pillow-top mattress, some are more comfortable with a firm mattress. And some are just fine sleeping on the sofa. (That's what I need: a mattress that's as comfortable as my sofa!)

  • Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
    Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

    A Hobby

    Something that brings you joy, or takes your mind away from the "daily" - whether that hobby is collecting, volunteering, fishing, owning a pet, exercise - something to be passionate about away from work.

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