I am trying to give our state the benefit of the doubt on this one. I could have called this article, " I can't believe those idiots spent our money on that", but that might come across as disrespectful.

The fact is our state government which finds itself in an extreme budget hole was not very frugal when times were better. Here are some questionable spending patterns that I thought just might raise your blood pressure a little bit.

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    Making Sure Dead People Had Enough To Eat

    That's right our illustrious welfare programs have spent millions of dollars providing nutrition assistance for those that have already passed the point of eating.  Back in 2014 a state audit showed that you and I with the help our elected officials provided $1.3 million in food stamps and other benefits for the dearly departed. Hey, if they are going to vote they are going to need to eat right?

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    State Support For The Robertson Clan

    Whoa, wait a minute. The Duck Dynasty people? Not to long ago you and I were paying almost $70-thousand a week to support the producers and cast of the used to be hit television show. They called it "supporting the state's television and film industry". A lot of pundits said then Governor Jindal used the money as an incentive to appear on the show to help jump start his run for the presidency.  Uncle Si, say it isn't so.

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    State Funded Trips & Sports Tickets

    Many of our state's non-profit organizations do exactly as their charter says they are to do. They make our community better. Then there is the Alternatives Living, a group based in New Orleans that was supposed help people with disabilities find jobs and learn skills. Our state gave this group over $10 million over several years. Among the items purchased, trips to Vegas, $23-thousand on Hornets (now Pelicans) tickets, and a new Mercedes. 

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    Leasing Expensive Artwork For Public Buildings

    I am okay with decorating to some degree. However, if it was up to me most walls would be bare. I sure wouldn't spend in excess of $1 million dollars in state money to decorate. However that's happening in our state as we speak. You can ask Mr. Dardenne, the official spokes-puppet for Governor Edwards or Treasurer John Kennedy.  I am sure there are other spaces made beautiful by our tax dollars but it just seemed odd that those two gentlemen wouldn't know better.

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    Buying Airline Tickets And Not Using Them

    If you've every purchased airline tickets you know the pain in the butt changing a ticket or a flight can be. Not if you're a state employee. You just buy a new ticket and let the state pick up the tab for the flight you didn't take. State employees did that to the tune of over $107 thousand last year. It was over $172 thousand the year before and over $233 thousand the year before that.