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With tax season once again upon us, everyone is scrambling to find as many deductions as possible.  Sure there are the kids, and a lot of stuff you paid for on your vehicle and house that you can write-off - but there's a lot more you may have overlooked.

First and foremost - I don't want you on the run from the Internal Revenue Service, so make sure you run this past a reputable tax preparation service or accountant no matter how tempting the things on this list are.  Taking that all-inclusive trip to Maui might sound good while you are attempting to write these things off but just know that all of these things were challenged by the almighty IRS and their immense legal powers.

While these champions of creative deductions were eventually successful in their quest, literally none of them got their refunds in under 21 days after they filed their taxes.  The lasting victory of those vindicated write-offs is the legacy of precedent.  According to Rocket HQ, if you are feeling especially froggy this tax season, there's legal footing to fight Uncle Sam on at least 6 things you may not have considered.

Once again, I am not a tax professional.  Please consult an account or tax preparation agency before attempting these write-offs.

6 Strange Tax Deductions Shreveport Residents May Not Know About

Tax time is here! Let's get every dollar back from Uncle Sam, or at least lessen the blow if you have to pay in. While you're searching for any and every deduction you can, see if any of these weird situations may apply. According to Rocket HQ - these 6 insane write-offs have totally stood the test of tax court and prevailed, giving you legal precedent to claim them!

Just so you know, I wouldn't trust me as the final say in tax matters. I don't even trust me that much - that's why I trust the professionals. Make sure you run it by your accountant or tax professional before you try any of the below.

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