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It's a brand new day in the Lone Star State as Texas has just introduced a truck-load of new laws.  How many?  666!  You would think that some superstitious legislator would have thrown an extra law or two in there to make it not that number - but here we are, and as they say: "The Devil is in the details."

Most, but Not All Went into Effect September 1st

According to the Texas Tribune, the 87th Legislative Session's marathon signing introduced the devilish number of new regulations Wednesday, but not all of them went into effect immediately.  Some have already gone into effect, like the law banning "vaccine passports" in Texas which actually took effect June 1st.

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Others will take their place as enforceable law in the near future, like the one that concerns negotiations between landowners and companies when it concerns "eminent domain," which will take effect on January 1st, 2022.

The New Rules in Texas

Some of highlights of this new set of rules include:  This law that allows Texas resident to carry a concealed weapon without the need for a special license (as long as they are 21-years-of-age or older and aren't legally barred from owning a firearm), New abortion restrictions, A Medical Marijuana expansion, A new requirement to play the National Anthem before any game featuring "Professional sports teams with state funding," and several new laws that concern the Texas public school curriculum.

To see a complete list of these new laws, you can see all 666 here.

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