I went to Gladewater High School (Go Bears).  If you were not aware, Gladewater is a tiny town situated between Longview, Tyler, and Big Sandy.  A few years before I got there, Gladewater ISD had just completed a brand new high school an football field/stadium.  The parcel of land that the two were built on was a bit low and swampy on one side and high and dry on the other.  I'll give you one guess which side the football stadium was built.

It should be no surprise that administrators chose the the best parcel of land to put the field on as that seems to be the priority for most schools in the south.  Sure, the school is slowly lowering itself into the town's namesake "glade" - but when parents and visiting teams set foot onto Jack V. Murphy field, they are impressed.  This, however, is peanuts compared to the overwhelming awe that is sure to engulf folks at Legacy Stadium in Katy.

According to ABC 13 - about 3 years ago, the fine citizens of Katy, Texas approved a $748 million bond referendum for repairs on existing structures and the construction of new buildings including the new monster stadium.  Originally, the football cathedral was priced at $58 million, but ballooning construction costs have tacked on another $14 million to the total. That puts the final price tag well above the former record holder McKinney ISD.  Last year they broke ground on a $69.9 million high school football stadium near Dallas.  The race may not be over between these two, as construction costs would only have to climb $2 million to retake the title.

Residents of Katy will get a lot of bang for their buck, as the field will be loaded with amenities.  Although the total population for Katy is only 14,000 - the stadium can comfortably seat 12,000 spectators, and boasts two concession stands on each side, two huge female and male restrooms on each side and two locker rooms.

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