With Mardi Gras comes lots of beads, if you're lucky. The issue then becomes what to do with all of those beads you and your family caught. Me and my family pick out the really good ones to set aside and collect, but that usually leaves quite a few bags leftover. Have no fear, I got you covered with eight great ideas to end your Mardi Gras bead woes.

1) Donate Them To Larc - Donate all those beads to Larc. Collected beads are detangled, sorted, repackaged and sold at great prices, providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the process.


2) Make Some Awesome Mardi Gras Bead Art - You can take some of those beads and create some fantastic art with them, It doesn't even have to be Mardi Gras themed, you can create something that works all year long.


3) Make A Dress - I mean, why not? Mard Gras beads will make a great, festive dress!


4) Make A Mardi Gras Chandelier - Another pretty cool idea with endless possibilities. You can make it elegant using all one color, or you can get funky with it and use a bunch a different colors.

Pintrest via Jennifer Reddick


5) Make Mardi Gras Bead Easter Eggs - With Easter following Mardi Gras, you can get some more holiday miles out of those beads by turning them into Easter decorations.


6) Cover Old Furniture - What better way to bring old furniture back to life than by covering it with colorful Mardi Gras beads?


7) Make Mardi Gras Bead Pink Flamingos - If you're going to have some pink flamingos, they might as well be covered in Mardi Gras beads?

Pintrest via Cynthia Wimberly


8) Make A Mardi Gras Bead Curtain - What an easy idea? Definitely something the kids would love.

Pintrest via Joyce Carriker Haynes