I have always been obsessed with slasher movies. Okay, maybe obsessed isn't the right word. Nonetheless, I greatly enjoy them. And with all the remakes and re-imagining of movies that were popular way back when it was just a matter of time before we saw some slasher movies make their way back into the spotlight.

So now we have the Cult of Chucky. The first trailer that was released didn't tell us much about the new story line. However, the second trailer gave us exactly what we needed to understand where the franchise was taking the new movie.

My thoughts through out the trailer:

1. Okay, we are continuing the story from the original.. kind of.

2. Who is the chick in the wheel chair? Was she the babysitter?

3. Oh well aren't you special! Getting to talk to Chucky.. she will die first.

4. That isn't going to help.

5. Of course it is coming out in October. Isn't that when "IT" is coming out?

6. I knew she was going to die.

7. Oh, it's the chick from Bride of Chucky.

8. Wait... is this after Seed of Chucky or before Bride of Chucky?

9. "A true classic never goes out of style." We'll see.