My boyfriend's 8 year old daughter has cancer. She has a brain tumor and gets chemo treatments every other week. She's been getting treatments since she was a toddler and is pretty much a normal kid. She's normally there from around 8am until around 3pm, but last week, the hospital was updating their computer systems. She didn't even get started until about 3 pm.

The hospital decided to eliminate paper- completely. So there is no writing a prescription, taking it to the pharmacy and doing the chemo is a waiting game of a half a dozen people who are obviously not from around here, trying to figure out why the printer on the 2nd floor is doing the faxing instead of the one they are standing next to. It was insanity.

Finally, about 6pm, her doctor was frantically walking around asking, "Where are the Epic people?!?" over and over...I looked at my boyfriend and said, "Well, I'm pretty epic...we're right here!" trying to break up the stress. It was then I saw a screen saver on one of the inoperable computers scrolling the name Epic, obviously the name of the program or company responsible for the madness. "What a great name," I said, "This HAS been EPIC FAIL!!"

We left at almost 8pm, but at least there was some irony...and Canes for dinner. Yum.