I am happy to see something being done with the Caddo Animal Shelter. After all of the crazy mess that has happened in the past year and a half--shelter workers doing unspeakable things with the animals on-camera, euthanizing pets that were supposed to just be boarder animals, and disposing of animal bodies on the side of the road--yeah, they have had some unique issues.

If you happened to miss out on those stories check out the links below.

According to KSLA, Parish Administrator Woodrow Wilson said during the Caddo Commission work session yesterday that they will start taking actions to ensure the  shelter is working properly.

One of the things that are a part of the initiative is involving the Best Friends Animal Society as a consultant to review the shelter's operations.

According to KSLA, this review will kick off in March after a visit from PetPoint. They will be visiting late this month to update their "web-based data management".

Wilson also said that they have many other plans on top of the rejuvenation to the shelter- check them out here.

I am just happy that someone is thinking about the animals, and making sure there is some kind of effort being made.

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