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Seeing how most people around here are partial to staying on their side of the river, I decided to ask which city's main thoroughfare was tops with regard to restaurants, shopping, and traffic. So which one won?

Well, thanks to my highly unscientific research, Youree Drive was the clear winner. Out of the 40 responses, a whooping 35 preferred Youree Drive. That's 87.5%! I would have never guessed that, but as I mentioned above, we all tend to stay on our own side of the Red River.

Most cited traffic issues when opting for Youree Drive over Airline, however, several mentioned that they think that Youree Drive features more 'local' options when it comes to dining and shopping. Although several did mention that they would brave Airline Drive for specific restaurants like Cork and Barrell and to avoid crime. Fans of Airline Drive in Bossier also said that they used the back access roads to get to a lot of establishments.

To be fair, Line Avenue received several honorable mentions. However, to provide a clear contrast between the two subject roads, I left Line Avenue out of the tally.

Here are a few of the specific comments offered up by locals:

Jeff-Jenn Patterson

Youree Drive. Airline is an absolute nightmare. Especially in any holiday, Friday traffic, and oh yeah, noon traffic.

Youree! Bossier is more chain restaurants and Shreveport is more locally-owned… I’d even say Line has better restaurants than either of those

Youree. Plenty of restaurants, plenty of shopping. Easy to get around traffic. Never any significant traffic jams.

I’d have to choose Youree. Youree is a walk in the park compared to Airline! Also, you have the good restaurants on 70th St and Line Ave. that are close!

We don’t ever go out to eat but as far as shopping and navigation, I can find everything I want/need on Airline Drive, without ever having to get ON airline drive thanks to all the new connecting back roads.

I’d take Youree any day of the week! I work on Viking and you can’t pay me to go somewhere on Airline for lunch. Ok, maybe you could pay me, but I wouldn’t like it!

But Airline does have Cork n Barrel soooo... yeah

Youree. Airline is taking your life in your hands.

Angie Horton Costakis

Youree has more restaurants with booze. Bossier keeps building restaurants with no bars.

Youree. I loathe getting on Airline.

More variety of good places to eat on Youree!

Airline... less likely to be in a drive-by!

Youree … much better flow… Medians help control turning into traffic

Youree, hands down! Easy cheesy!
I despise Airline Dr. traffic.
On Youree, you will VERY rarely sit thru 3-4 red lights cuz traffic is so backed up (maybe on weekends near Christmas) but on Airline, that’s a daily occurrence.
Nope, I’ll stay on my side of the bridge. Plus, better food in Shreveport.

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