A video uploaded to Facebook this evening has gone viral locally,claiming to show the kitchen within one of our favorite restaurants.

Over the years, I have made (probably) hundreds of trips to Ichiban Japanese Restaurant on Youree Drive. Tonight, a former employee of the restaurant shared a video claiming to be taken from inside the restaurant's kitchen.

The video is like something out of a horror movie. The clip is just 16 seconds long but to be honest, I don't know much longer I could have watched the video. According to the former employee, the video  was shot underneath one of the restaurant's three deep freezers.

In the footage, you see dozens of roaches crawling all over the freezers and the floor, the floor itself looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages.

I reached out to the former employee who claims he took the video himself  2-3 weeks ago, and he told me, "All the workers know how bad it is, we see bugs on a daily basis".

I've embedded the now-viral Facebook video below for you to see for yourself.



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