We've all been at a party when the adult beverages run dry.  It's a quicker way to end the festivities than turning on the lights and breaking out the good book for some impromptu bible study.

Unfortunately, leaving the shindig to make a break for Thrifty in order to replenish your supplies after you have consumed some for yourself is a terrible idea unless you live within walking (or stumbling) distance.  Although the second is technically safer, it is still illegal (public intoxication).  Luckily, a new option that will keep the social lubricant flowing while keeping the host on the right side of the law will be available next month!

Even though the official legislation allowing home delivery for alcohol has been signed into law by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards - the rules for doing so have not been written yet.  According to the Advocate, that particular roadblock is being furiously worked out as you read this.

The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control deputy commissioner Ernest Legier and his team hope to have a framework for hooch-to-home delivery hammered out by early next month.  That's when businesses can start applying for the right to bring beer, wine and liquor to your door.  Early word is that the permits will cost around $250 for restaurants and grocery stores to deliver direct, and $500 for third parties (like Waitr and Door Dash) contracted to do the delivery.

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