Taylor Swift's "The Man" music video is out, and my phone won't stop ringing.

Finally, we have the visual for Taylor Swift's new hit, "The Man", and it's one of the most unique music videos you'll come across. The visuals for this track were destined to be a goldmine, considering the song is about how different Taylor's life would be if she was a man.

For over four minutes, we see a man doing man things to Taylor's lyrics, and it turns out, the man in the footage was Taylor swift the whole time! To be honest, I knew something looked off, but I couldn't believe it was actually Taylor until the end of the video shows the makeup process.

Anyways, ever since this video dropped, I've been getting blown up. Personally, I don't see it at all, but then again I see myself every day and I know I'm not that thin and I certainly don't =have that much hair.

The beard is spot-on though.

One friend texted me, "Man. It’s Taylor dressed as Jay Whatley for 4 minutes" and also, "Next Shreveportant stunt has to be the rumor that you were the stand in for Taylor’s new video for The Man, it's YOU!"

Check out the video below!


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