It's finally here, Shreveport received it's own Old Town Road music video and we have it!

Before I share the video, I want to sincerely thank quite a few people. The first person being Josh Munds with DigitalMunchies. The work they do is nothing short of phenomenal and we're lucky to have them in Shreveport. I called Josh about a month ago with this idea and he was all for it, and helped throughout the entire process, not just capturing it. Also, thank you to his wife, Melissa Munds for editing the video down.

Also, thank you to my great friend Erin Bristol and Holly Hill Farm. Bristol had the perfect horse for the video, Sweetheart, and she allowed me to bond with Sweetheart before the video shoot, by feeding her and walking around the Farm with her. The horse was so phenomenal, sweet, and obeying. I enjoyed that part the most, Sweetheart was simply incredible throughout about 45 minutes of recording video with her.

Thank you to our incredible listeners for being able to laugh with me, as we poke a little fun at the far-from-true narrative that runs throughout our city.

Here's the full video below!



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