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American Idol Halts Filming Due To Covid-19

The hit series, which was previously filming its latest season, has been forced to halt due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. Producers reportedly emailed the crew, saying, "As we continue to monitor advice from federal and local agencies, it seems unlikely we are going to be able to make it back into the studio for this season of American Idol." The show will allegedly eventually resume with the judges filming from their homes. (via TMZ)

COVID-19: On the Positive Side...

Naturally, most news surrounding the coronavirus outbreak has been overwhelmingly bad—but despite it all, there have been a handful of positive outcomes, mostly by way of increased solidarity among people.

More conversations between neighbors, communities coming together to help each other out and folks checking in on older relatives are just a few of the heartwarming things that have come out of the situation. Others, meanwhile, have found that social media has humanized many celebrities, as they are stuck at home doing the same things as everyone else. (via Study Finds)

What Not To Do When Quarantining With a Significant Other

Now that everyone's got what they've always wanted — more time together — here are some tips on how to handle all the new found time:

It's important to realize that the stress and emotions of this experience can affect everyone differently. Cut out alone time and schedule video chats with friends. Think up creative ways to invest in the relationship, whether that means planning a picnic or renting a favorite film. Simply put: make time for each other. (via Cosmopolitan)

Front-Door Camera Catches Delivery Guy Spitting on Drop-Off Package

A delivery worker delivering packages in a Los Angeles neighborhood spat and smeared his spit on a package that he left at a house. When a neighbor saw this, they reported it to the homeowners who subsequently contacted Amazon about the unsettling incident. The man, who didn't work for Amazon directly but for a third-party company, was fired from his delivery position. (via TMZ)

What Is Selena Gomez Binge-Watching During Her Quarantine?

The actress and musician shared a lists of movies, TV shows and music that she has been watching and listening to during her isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Some of the movies on Gomez's list include Invisible Man, Jennifer's Body and American Hustle. (via JustJared)

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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