There have been many times where I went a little too wild when it comes to online shopping. You know what I mean right? When you hit add to cart on one too many items and you can't decide on which to get rid of so you naturally order them all and tell yourself you will return what doesn't fit and or what doesn't "go" in your house, but here you are still with online shopping boxes around you.

Have you become more financially aware since the coronavirus took over the world? Maybe you started eating leftovers, maybe you have gone as far as to buy one-ply toilet paper. Point is, you're not lowering your standards, you are now money conscious. You can thank the horrid pandemic for that.

Over 2,000 Americans were polled by OnePoll on behalf of SlickDeals, and over half of them credit the pandemic with being the reason that they are now saving more money than ever. 2 years ago the same adults were surveyed and they were asked how smart they felt with their money. 42% of Americans claimed that they felt like they were smart with their money, the percentage rose to 51% in 2020.

66% of the participants in the poll claim that the pandemic is the reason they are now very frugal. Keep in mind there is a HUGE difference between frugal and cheap. The million-dollar question has been answered, we can become money conscious, but the sad part is we needed a global pandemic to scare our wallets into submission.



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