Watch out! This video might get a little scary.

America's Funniest Videos is entering a new era with host Alfonso Ribeiro. Most recently they posted a video of the "Best Halloween Scares." This video is full of people pulling pranks on their friends and scaring the life out of their friends, family members and coworkers.

Not to sound weird, but the interesting thing to me is seeing how different people react to being scared. Some jump and are quickly over it. Other, on the other hand, get scared and then are visibly or audibly shaken for a good 30 seconds. One guy actually continues to karate chop the sky for about a minute before returning to reality.

My favorite is the guy hiding in the stack of tires, who successfully scares someone, but then realizes very quickly this was a bad idea as he falls to the ground. Oh, and nobody rushes to help him. I mean, would you help someone who just scared you?