A lot has happened over the last 7 months.  We are in a brand new year (2019 if you missed that), the New Orleans Saints got robbed by officiating at the NFC Championship game, and - oh yeah, a fire has been burning underground.  Like, the whole 7 months.

Earther is reporting that, since at least August of last year, a fire has been burning about 70 feet underground at a site that previously belonged to a "a local property association that allowed residents to dump organic waste."  Somehow, that last part of the message got lost because all kinds of plastics and chemicals have been dumped there, as well.  In 2016, officials covered the refuse with soil and vegetation in an effort to literally sweep the problem under mother nature's rug.  That makes fighting the already challenging and dangerous fire almost impossible.

No word on what started the fire, but it continues to burn even now.  To make matters worse, the toxic smoke from the underground fire is reportedly making firefighters and residents from nearby Bella Vista sick.

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