If this happened to me, I wouldn't even be mad.

This has to be a top April Fools Day prank for 2018. It's hard to imagine anyone was this creative, and by creative, I mean had this much free time. One woman came home on Easter Sunday/April Fools Day to find quite the surprise.

Her daughter decided after her mom raised her, and gave her everything she could ever want, that there was only one true way to repay her.

She wrapped literally everything in her mom's bedroom with aluminum foil. Understand this... When I say "everything", I am exaggerating in no way whatsoever. She went all out. She left no stone unturned, or in this case, unwrapped.

Everything in the room was expertly wrapped, including the bed, pillows, tables, artwork, and several pairs of shoes. You can really feel the love in this prank.

Check out the hilarious prank below!


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