You may have heard that Louisiana is home to werewolves to vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the occasional Rougarou - but get ready to put all of that behind you, because there is a brand-new crypto-creature in the Bayou State!

The mighty Pterosaur was (is) a leathery-winged flying dinosaur from the late Triassic / Cretaceous period that some believe is alive and well today!  Reported sightings are even on the rise in North Carolina, with a reported sighting just 15 days ago in Raleigh.  According to the website, vet-tech in training Cynthia Lee claims  she saw a featherless flying creature sporting a head crest.and a long tail featuring a  diamond shaped bulb at the end of the tail during last week's snow.

Here in Louisiana, there have been 4 such sightings reported since 1994.  2 over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge, one in Slidell, and another in New Llano.  But don't take my word for it, please check out the work of a professional.  Might I suggest cryptozoology author Jonathan D. Whitcomb.  Jonathan has been studying the prehistoric throwbacks more than "10,000 hours"  and is a self-proclaimed "living-pterosaur expert."

According to Matt Cartmill, professor emeritus of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University - it's possible for these dino-birds to have somehow survived all of this time.  Possible, but not likely.  He ranks it slightly more possible than unicorns.

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