At some point showing up and freeloading each year starts to be frowned upon.

I saw a tweet from a friend this morning that basically said her parents had told her she needed to bring a dish to Thanksgiving this year. She joked that her family better like chips and dip because that's all she could accomplish in her kitchen. For many of us, there comes a time when you can't just show up empty-handed anymore.

Even at your parents' house.

It's just a nice thing to do to help, but also Turkey day prices aren't a joke. They add up and it can certainly put a strain on the host. My extended family has always done "potluck style" Thanksgiving and I've always done my best to help in the kitchen with any dishes that needed to be done. In college, I started just making my own dishes and bringing them. I wasn't necessarily asked to, but sometimes you see the looks if you don't bring anything.

Even if it just some extra cutlery or a bottle of wine.

Were you ever cut off from the free Thanksgiving ride? How old were you at the time? Tell us below.

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