Anyone else think Monday's episode of The Bachelor should have been more true love and less cross promotion?

I wasn't too big of a fan of Monday's episode of The Bachelor because of one thing... Jimmy Kimmel. No, seriously, he was there and a little too involved if you ask me. First he sent Chris and Kaitlyn on a one-on-one date to Costco to buy him random items and then found himself in the hot tub while they were trying to have a moment. I get that it was supposed to be funny, but really it just came off as ABC's cheesy way of cross-promoting another one of their shows. If I was Kaitlyn, I would have asked for a refund.

At least she got a rose out of it.

That being said, the group date was a day in the life of a farmer. The girls had to shovel manure, milk goats and herd pigs. It was fabulously entertaining! And our very own Shreveporter, Becca Tilley, got the group date rose! Yippee!!!

It was Whitney who got a Jimmy-free date in which they crashed a wedding (again it's all about promotion and the bottom line) and also a rose at the end of the night.

Chris cancelled the cocktail party and instead through a pool party. Because swimsuits always sell more than formal evening wear.


Chris ended up sending Amber, Tracy and Trina home. And if you can't remember who Tracy and Trina are, don't worry. You're not alone.

Here is who is left:

Ashley I., 26, nanny, Wayne, NJ
Ashley S., 24, hairstylist, Brooklyn, NY
Becca, 25, chiropractic assistant, San Diego, CA
Britt, 27, waitress, Hollywood, CA
Carly, 29, cruise ship singer, Arlington, TX
Jade, 28, cosmetics developer, Los Angeles, CA
Jillian, 25, news producer, Washington, D.C.
Juelia, 30, esthetician, Portland, OR
Kaitlyn, 29, dance instructor, Vancouver, BC
Kelsey, 28, guidance counselor, Austin, TX
Mackenzie, 21, dental assistant, Maple Valley, WA
Megan, 23, makeup artist, Nashville, TN
Nikki, 26, former NFL cheerleader, New York City, NY
Samantha, 27, fashion designer, Los Angeles, CA
Whitney, 29, fertility nurse, Chicago, IL

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