Grab your wine, because we’re only three episodes into The Bachelor and of course, just when you thought the drama was over, think again!

This week's episode kicked off with Kelsey and Hannah Ann crying dramatically over the “champagne-gate” debacle, and clearly, all the other girls in the house are done hearing the word ”champagne” uttered. The two squabbled over frustration that Hannah Ann called Kelsey a bully to Peter, in regard to Kelsey calling Hannah Ann fake in the episode before. Kelsey apologized, but also clarified that though it was an unkind word, she wasn’t bullying Hannah. Clearly, the two have different views on what bullying is, and hopefully, the bubbles between the two will start to subside.


During this high estrogen, emotional moment, Victoria P. wasn’t shedding a tear as she was on her one-on-one date with Peter. He let her know this was a date to take her to his hometown to experience activities he enjoys with his buddies. Honestly, his “activities” weren’t exactly the first thing that came to our mind when we thought of him. We didn’t take the Cali boy to be so country!

The giggly duo donned cowboy hats and cowboy boots and went to a good ol’ honky-tonk. Of course, the date wasn’t complete without a country line dance! This date was fit for a southern belle. During their time together, Victoria allowed Peter into her heart and shared her rough upbringing and how she helped raise her sister. Peter was grateful she shared such a sensitive subject, and their chemistry was obvious. With both clearly smitten with each other, Peter gave Victoria P. the date rose.


While the one-on-one date was sweet and innocent, the group date involved less clothing, pillows, and a wrestling ring?! Yep – you read that correctly! Demi (former contestant on Colton’s season and Bachelor in Paradise), showed up to the mansion with quite the bang. Literally, she showed up yelling to the girls via a megaphone. She gave each girl headed on the date a white bag and told them that Peter gave her the reins this date and he had no clue what she had planned. Once the girls pulled silky pajamas and lingerie out of their bags, it was clear they were also confused about what was in store for them.

When you think of a pillow fight, you might think of a fun childhood sleepover with your best friends. Well, erase that from your memory, because that’s not what happened here. Nope, during Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight Club, the goal was to knock the other girl down. With hair and feathers flying, it was Alayah and Sydney in the final two. The former pageant queen took home the victory and yet another crown, but not before scoring a kiss from her prince.


Peter wasn’t shy to let the camera know he’s impressed by Alayah’s strong side and started to become really excited about getting to know her more. While talking to Peter, one might say that Alayah’s voice might resemble a Disney princess. However, Sydney smelled something fishy.

At the end of the group date, Sydney pulled Peter aside and addressed possible concern that Alayah, because of her pageant past, might know how to “turn it on” for the cameras. She said Alayah is someone very different when the cameras aren’t rolling, and is worried she might have other intentions.

Sydney proceeded to call out Alayah in front of the group and Peter for being fake, but no one else spoke up and said they agreed (which in that setting we aren’t surprised). Peter wasn’t sure who to believe, but appreciated Sydney for being honest and gave her the group date rose.


Though we want to say this was a fun party, unfortunately Peter was clearly down. He let the girls know that due to the events of the night before with Alayah, he was coming into the day more cautious. Peter spoke to the girls one by one to get a better understanding of who Alayah is. During his conversation with Victoria P., also a beauty queen, he learned Victoria and Alayah actually knew each other prior to the show and competed at the Miss USA 2019 pageant together. No biggie ... who cares, right? Hold on, it gets juicy.

Victoria said Alayah told her to tell producers they didn’t know each other. Alayah thought it could hurt their chances of being on the show. Right away you could tell Peter was frustrated and walls went up. After talking to Alayah about the situation, she was obviously flustered and struggled to formulate an answer. A frustrated Peter and a blubbering Alayah was where this epic fail of a pool party ended. It’s an understatement to say the girls who didn’t get time with Peter because of the situation aren’t having it!


Here’s who Peter sent packing: Alayah, Jasmine and Sarah. Technically he could have given out another rose, but asked Chris Harrison to remove one in the wake of the Alayah drama. Due to the circumstance surrounding why Alayah left, she was clearly distraught, and so was Peter. He was seen questioning with producers whether or not he had made the best decision. We sympathize with Peter. It would be hard to make a decision when you’re receiving two different stories.

Did you follow all of that?!


Buckle up, because next week there will be a familiar country face making an appearance and, oh shoot, Alayah isn’t in Texas!

First off, no surprise that Alayah shows back up. Clearly Peter was distraught after sending her home wondering if he made the right decision. (We’d be confused too!). However, the teaser leaves us wondering if she comes back to stay or is this just a scheme the producers will craft to make us think she stays.

Alayah was in question for being the same person on and off the camera. That is something that personally can only be shown through time. It’s not like she came on the show with a boyfriend back home. With it being a more situational circumstance, we think that she will come back and Peter will give her a second chance. This will for sure make the other girls' blood boil (cue more drama!), and Alayah will be under a magnifying glass (more emotional tears we’re sure will come from the pressure).

Don’t worry, we saved the best tease for last. The tall glass of water — and single, might we add —Chase Rice plays during a one-on-one with Victoria Fuller. However, it’s clear that Chase and Victoria had a prior relationship or mingling at least (we’re sure the producers didn’t plan that on purpose...not). The tease ends with Victoria clearly flustered and a dumbfounded Chase.

What do we think really happened? Glad you asked! We think that producers knew that Chase and Victoria had a history, but we don’t think either knew they would wind up on the same date together. Nothing like your ex showing up to your date! Though it shows Victoria visibly upset, we think she’ll tell Peter, possibly she’ll chat with Chase, but all will be fine. With Chase never mentioning a serious girlfriend, we’re thinking she might have been a fling and nothing serious (at least not serious enough to wreak havoc on this date!).

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