When will my head go back to feeling normal? I feel like a bobblehead. My nose won't stop running and I have spent $40 on allergy medication in a matter of two weeks. Simply put, I am miserable.

I Was Excited for the Storms to Come Through to Alleviate my Allergies.

My allergies didn't go away overnight and I woke up disappointed. I discovered Pollen.com and my heart shattered. There is no relief in sight and I may have just discovered what is making me so miserable.


Oak, Mayberry, and Mullberry are making a lot of us miserable and making several of us go visit the car wash more often because our vehicles are covered in pollen.

The Bad Part is There is No Relief for Us in Sight.

Contrary to popular belief the storms that came through didn't push away the pollen, in fact, the storm just made it worse.

Pollen.com Rates Pollen Levels from 1 to 12.

Shreveport had a good day when it came to storms. We had a day of relief on the day of constant rain but the pollen was still at a 6.2. We are all the way up to a 10.5 today, and tomorrow looks just as bad, oh, and the day after that too.


Don't let off of taking your allergy medications anytime soon. Keep taking them and get ready to keep suffering just a little longer. Monday looks like the pollen levels will drop to 8.7.

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