'Jackass' star Bam Margera was knocked out and bloodied after he called a woman a "sea otter" at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, TX.

As Margera told the gossip website TMZ, he was walking through the crowd at SXSW when somebody said something rude to him. So, according to Margera, "I began making fun of a big girl in the group. I called her a sea otter and asked her why she's in Texas. She should be in Alaska laying on an iceberg because she's a beached whale."

After this insult, one of the friends of the woman began fighting with Margera, knocking him to the ground. At that point, the woman Margera insulted punched him in the face, leaving him unconscious for seven minutes.

This is the second time in less than a year the 31-year-old has gotten the worst of a violent confrontation with a female. In June, Margera was hospitalized and 59-year old Elizabeth Ray was arrested after Ray hit Margera in the head with a pipe during an argument.

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