This is, hands down, the coolest video my two eyes have ever seen.

Seriously, videos like this remind me that I'm literally doing nothing with my life. I could be doing awesome things like this, but I'm too busy playing Grand Theft Auto on my XBOX. This is one of those things, however, that no one would ever believe... Unless it was filmed.

Lucky for us, a film crew was on hand to capture the moment.

Two men wearing a wingsuit base jumped off of a mountain. Where was their destination? The inside of a flying airplane with the side door opened.

The worst part, to me anyways, is the freaking plane they are gliding towards has a propeller!!! Seriously, think about how terrible that could have been.

These guys though, they are pros, and pulled it off while making it look easy.

Kudos to all involved, this is one incredible video.


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