If you've never seen a miracle with your own eyes, look no further.

Yep, as of writing this, I've now seen three, true miracles. The first has to be the birth of my first daughter, River. The second, the birth of my second daughter, Rosie. The third, this video that I still can't fully believe.

I have sat here in my office and watched this video about 25 times. It's quick, it wastes no time, and it is truly unbelievable.

The clip, which was captured in Vietnam, shows a woman standing near a street. Within a second of pressing "play" on the video, you see a speeding car come crashing into frame. At first glance, it certainly looks like the car smashes right into the woman, but it actually narrowly missed her altogether. The speeding car actually crashes into a parked motorcycle, which also miraculously misses the woman as it gets flung directly past her other side.

You have to see this!


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