I've sneezed three times just watching the video.

Pollen is all around us this time of year. It's in the flowers, in the trees, and probably all over your car as we speak.

Naturally, if you're like me, and you're ridiculously effected by pollen, you absolutely hate this stuff. This stuff is the spawn of Satan and it makes me cringe/sweat/sneeze at just the thought of it.

The Northeast in particular has been hit pretty hard by pollen. If you needed proof, I certainly have that for you now.

A video has gone viral from the state of New Jersey, showing the most ridiculous amount of pollen you've ever seen. In the footage, you see a tractor ram a pollen-infested tree. All seems normal until the tractor makes contact, then a massive cloud of pollen shoots off of the tree.

Honestly, it's a pretty awesome video.



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